Design Engineering

Structural Design Engineering services vary in nature and scope according to specific project requirements. They are normally performed for an Architect or other Prime Professional, and include complete responsibility for the structural portions of a project, including:

  • Foundation Design
  • Superstructure Design
  • Contract Document Production
  • Shop Drawing Review/Approval
  • Field Observation During Construction

Our experience shows that early involvement in a project by the structural engineer establishes a basic framework around which the design team can effectively develop fully-integrated, constructible building solutions. In that way, the client can draw more fully on the expertise and capabilities of our organization.

Prime Professional Service

Complete design responsibility for projects in which the structural work is the predominant discipline.

When projects with a structural emphasis require the services of professionals in related fields, A. W. Lookup assembles a team of specialists to provide a complete integrated service. Project types which are especially appropriate for our Prime Professional Service include parking garages, stadiums, industrial buildings, and other types of special structures.

Consultation, Studies, and Reports

Development of answers to a client's special structural engineering problems. Some of the types of studies performed include:

  • Reports and assistance in litigation for cases involving structural problems.
  • Design and preparation of construction documents defining special foundations and supports for complex, vibrating, or oscillating machinery.
  • Reports and structural evaluation of condition, capacity, and suitability for conversion or retrofitting of old or damaged buildings and other existing structures.
  • Building Facade Investigations and Restorations.

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